Mary Breslauer

Owner - Chilmark

" Esteban has done several projects for us over the years from re-roofing our house and guesthouse to constructing a post-and-beam garage. That’s why it was a no brainer to ask him to build a new house from the ground up in Chilmark.  Esteban's attention to detail, from the foundation and framing to the end product is remarkable. He pays as much attention to ensuring a sound and solid underpinning as he does to the finer details of finish woodwork and tile.

Finally, but equal in importance, Esteban is simply a very special person. He is straight-forward, honest and treats sub contractors and vendors with respect. Throughout our house construction, he always made sure that subs had what they needed when they needed it. Those gestures -- large and small -- were appreciated and led to, I believe, getting everyone’s “best” on the job.  In short, building on the Island can get a bad rap, but it was thoroughly enjoyable with Esteban in the lead. "


Ryan J. White

Owner - Oaks Bluff

“ Working with Esteban and Patagonia Restorations was both an exciting and rewarding experience.  As a business owner serving a high-end clientele, I understand the importance of a customer-centered approach.  It was refreshing to see that Esteban shared this mindset.  He managed my build with unmatched integrity and commitment to quality.  Most importantly, Esteban was always honest, transparent, and fair.  In fact, we even came in under budget!  I admire all that Esteban is doing with his company and wish him continued success! ”

work in progress

Work in progress